About Thunder

Thunder Data Co. Ltd. was founded by Dr. Eric Jian Huang, who was former CTO in EMC China. The background of team members covers server, network communication, data management, network storage software, hardware architect engineering, and product marketing. Thunder's CTO Chorus Chuang is also a specialist in network hardware, storage software, digital communication signal, and audio grade NAS.

To deliver solution for the upcoming 5G mobile and 8K video world in the future, the goal of Thunder team is to improve signals quality of computing, networking, and storage. Currently Thunder has developed 2 series of product lines: Silent Angel and Thunder Data.

Silent Angel product line aims at providing solutions for high-end consumer products. There are two products available named N8 and Z1. Both of them upgrade the level of Hi-Fi music enjoyment by improving the signal quality and server performance.

Thunder Data product line delivers a complete solution, which includes servers, storage, cloud service, of multiple nodes media playback deployment for such as hotel, school, ..., and so on.

Thunder Data Co. Ltd. keeps developing ecology based on Silent Angel and Thunder Data and become high resolution media content publishing platform provider in the future.


About us

We believe good technologies are those make human beings have joyful livings, no matter how deep we have to dig into. And the best and the most important things is that people like to use solutions and products we delivered. We will keep contributing ourselves by doing this and feel great with this.

Meet The Team

Dr. Eric Jian Huang


Dr. Eric Jian Huang received his PhD degree in computer science from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2000.


He worked in Sun Microsystems in the region of performance and application engineering, network I/O performance optimization, and database / webserver performance optimization.


Later on, he worked in Intel in the region of Cluster Computing, interconnect performance tunning, storage I/O tracing, evaluation of file system performance, H.264 Video conferencing, and technology management.


Then, he worked in EMC China as CTO in the region of high availability feature design and implementation, Next Generation Unified Storage products and solutions, and Storage for Virtual Data Center (VDC). In the year of 2013, Dr. Eric Jian Huang founded Cyphy Techonology Co. Ltd. In the year of 2017, he founded Thunder Data Co. Ltd.


Sky Luo

Staff Engineer

Sky received his bachelor's degree in information and computing science from Fujian University of Technology. Afterward, he dedicated himself to the algorithm research in video compression, video streaming, and data fusion for over 8 years. And has very good skills in Java, C, C++, iOS app, and Android JNI development.


Chorus Chuang


Chorus Chuang received his master degree in electrical engineering  from Tsing Hua University in 2001. He worked in ZyXEL communication for DSLAM products and delivered FTTx solutions to CHT (ChungHwa Telecom) and NEC. And also developed NAS product to TDC Telecom for on-line music subscription service. Later on, he worked in QNAP in the region of app center 3rd party development, social network application and search engine. In the year of 2014, Silent Angel was founded and started to contribute what he had learned in communication, network, storage, and computing into digital audio system.


Sam Xu

Chief Production Manager

Sam Xu received his bachelor's degree in automatic control and electric engineering from East China University of Science and Technology. He worked in Dell for 12 years as international product support advisor and later on as new product introduction project manager.

Message from Founder

Craftsmanship in the Era of Digital Music Revolution

Silent Angel started a journey of digital music system in 2014. It has been several years and we are so lucky to got help from many music lover and got many breakthroughs in this.

Listen to the music with digital music system is very convenient for thousands of song can be managed and played through a Pad. However, the digital music system should not be just the sample rate, codec, streaming server, apps, network, or any other softwares. The pleasure of listening to high sound quality of music should be kept.

We found a fact that: digital music system carries more data than CD. However, the sound quality can not compete with that of CD player. Not to mention there are lots of famous SACD / CD player solve the disc data pick-up problem, which does not exist in digital music system, with many technologies. There must be something wrong in the digital music system.

Like the moment when CD technology was born in 1982. At that time, sound quality of CD also can not compete the  former ones. And there were so many breakthroughs that improved the sound quality of CD player. We believe that digital music system is the future. That is why we want to unleash the power of digital music system. It should be better than CD and beyond that.

We also want to make music lovers enjoy good music with affordable price. So we developed an affordable Bonn N8 to solve the problem we found after so many years testing and hard working.

We found Roon also have so much passions in music like us. Besides, the music listening experience provided by Roon is so amazing. Listening to music with Roon is just like reading a magazine of our music collection. So we developed Z1 with Roon Server to make the essence of music enjoyment back to life.

We believe we are not alone. There are groups of music lovers, who keep persuing music enjoyment, supporting and following us. We are able to see the technology miracle with these.

Silent Angel, keep the essence and move forward.