Essential parts for music streaming audiophile

Regarding digital signal and digital data, we usually think it is perfect and noise free.

However, we found that a digital network music system can not perform as good as a CD player, even though it uses much more space and samples at higher data rates. For example, a CD contains about 600MB of music data for 10 songs, while a 96KHz 24bits un-compressed FLAC for one song can take 3 times of space compared to a CD.

It is obvious that something is wrong in the network music system, which may introduce electrical noise, or anything else that kills the performance of the audio system. Silent Angel's mission is to eliminate the noise from these devices and make it stable by filtering out the noise, re-generating the signal, and fine-tuning the software. Every single problem we solved, brings a noticeable leap in audio performance. And we will keep doing this to make network music better and better.

Let's see what we have done.

Home Audio System

Modern audio system consists of several network devices including: music streaming services (like TIDAL), router, general switch, music player, DAC, media server, storage, and speakers. Silent Angel found the noisy and unstable network signal, introduced by the generic router, switch, or storage, get into the sensitive music player and have affects the playback performance. So we developed N8 in the middle to re-generate pure and clear network signals and prevent the home audio system from being affected.

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生态拓扑_画板 1.png

Enterprise Audio Solution

High resolution music playback consumes lots of bandwidth since there are so many rooms in the hotel. . The Thunder enterprise audio solution is a solution for hotel to provide high resolution music streaming service. It includes not only a music publish platform but also a series of media gateway, media server, media control panel, media player, and network devices.