Silent Angel TCXO Module

Our proprietary design eliminates high frequency noise and improve the clock signal to have high  performance to 0.1ppm, which is 250 times improvement compare to regular home switches

Medical Power Adaptor

The elaborately chosen adaptor allows Ultra low leakage current (<100 uA), isolate noise from AC power. This prevents introducing radiation noise to audio devices nearby. Furthermore, with the Medical safety approved adaptor, it safe to use in audio system.

Re-engineered PCBA

Purified Power Circuit
High Permeability EMI absorber
Low Insertion Loss Line Transformer
Low Leakage Common Mode Choke
Power Rails Separation Design


High Quality Aluminum Alloy and Mirror Surface Stainless Steel Bottom

Upper case is made of high quality and heavy 6061 aerospace industry grade aluminum alloy. Beautiful and meticulous surface treatement make it an artwork.
Bottom cover is a beautiful mirror surface stainless steel plate.
The inner side of bottom cover is coated with EMI absorber to reduce internal EMI noise from 1MHz to 100Mhz.

Low CPU Power Consumption

The intel mobile series CPU consumes low power consumption (as low as 6W) to reduce electrical noise from CPU and make the signal inside Z1 to be more stable and prevent from affecting audio device nearby.

Customized SSD

Custom designed audio grade SSD with low noise and low power consumption

SSD with low power consumption make it possible to reduce electrical noise on power rail inside Z1.
Inner side of SSD case is coated with EMI absorber to reduce internal EMI noise from 1MHz to 100Mhz.
Power isolation circuit, consists of a voltage regulation circuit inside the SSD, isolates the power noise from SSD.

Fan-less Design

Fanless design remove any moving part inside, ensuring you will not hear any annoying sound from Z1.